sometimes you experience the world by traveling, sometimes you do it with snacks

The Philia story is all about bringing people together and celebrating relationships. Check out our story below.

When we share our favorite foods with friends and family, we take them on a journey to something surprising and wonderful that we’ve discovered, just for them. It’s a simple way of making people we care about feel welcome, and it doesn’t have to be fancy or fussy— just delicious.

the philia name comes from the greek root word for community, love or friendship

Growing up in a Greek family, food was at the center of every social gathering for Philia founder Mike Rakes. When people got together, the house always felt livelier and the aroma of fresh Mediterranean herbs, spices and garlic filled the air. Mike created spreadable feta cheese in 2009, when he needed an appetizer for a dinner party and couldn’t find anything he liked in the grocery store.

He based his first spread on a recipe that’d been in his family for years, and his new creation quickly became a favorite with his friends. Mike started selling Philia in local farmer’s markets in 2012, adding Dill & Garlic, Habanero Pepper, and Rosemary & Basil to his original Roasted Red Pepper recipe. Philia launched in local grocery stores two years later.