26 Jun

Summer Fancy Foods

By Mike Rakes | June 26, 2019

Hello Friends!  We spent the last few days in New York at the Summer Fancy Food Show connecting with old friends and making some new ones.  Our products are now available on the East Coast in several retailers and we’ll have more exciting news to share in the coming months!   

It has been very exciting for me as the founder to watch the team grow, and start to interact and meet the same people that I started working with years ago.  As I reflect back on the time spent at Food Shows and Farmer’s Markets over these last 7 years I feel grateful to be working in an industry that would’ve been impossible to imagine when I started my career in Accounting.  The experiences I have had, and the people I have met have truly changed the course of my life.  As our team continues to grow, I can’t help but get excited about what the next 7 years might hold.  Here’s to enjoying the rollercoaster ride, and see you at the next show! 



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