07 Oct

Soup Season!

By Mike Rakes | October 07, 2019

Fall is squarely upon us and that means it is soup season!  One of my favorite ways to use Philia is thickening up and flavoring soups.  It adds an incredible richness and depth of flavor, and will seriously “WOW” your friends and family.

The first time I tried using Philia in a soup, I added the Habanero Spread to a bowl of chili as a substitute for the sour cream.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the spread melts down incredibly well and blends right into the chili.  The habanero in the spread also adds a really nice kick to the chili.

The other recipe that I really enjoyed was adding the Rosemary & Basil Spread to a bowl of tomato basil soup.  I’ve always been a fan of creamier soups, so the spread really elevated this thinner, broth based soup.  Additionally, the rosemary in the spread compliments the basil in both the soup and the spread and gives the overall flavor a really nice herbaceous burst of flavor.

The inspiration for this post came from two good friends, Sheff and Athena Priest, the former owner’s of the Tin Fish Restaurant on Lake Calhoun (and current owners of the Kurbside Food Company).  They mixed some of our Roasted Red Pepper Spread into a Butternut Squash Soup, and the results were delicious!
Have any creative soup collaborations of your own?  If so, please share them with us!  Until next time fam…


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