28 May

April Showers bring May Happy Hours

By Mike Rakes | May 28, 2019

The best part about the Spring in Minnesota is the outdoor patio happy hour life that is resurrected after our (usually) long and brutally cold winters.  Many of my favorite memories with family and friends center around our gatherings on patios around the Twin Cities – both in public places and in individual homes. I naturally brought our feta spread to these events whenever possible, but I’ll never forget the first time I realized that our products were part of the same memories for many of our customers. 

This realization occurred back in my early days at a Farmer’s Market in my hometown of Minneapolis.  I always made sure to strike up a conversation with anyone who was willing to stop by our booth and sample and purchase some of our Feta Spread.  I learned so much about who are customers were and why they enjoyed our products from having these conversations.  One early afternoon as I was closing up a few minutes before the end of the market a woman came frantically running up to our booth. “Oh thank God you’re not gone, you’re still selling right?” I told her of course, and was naturally quite inquisitive about the urgency she was displaying around being able to grab a few tubs of spread.   

I grabbed what she wanted, took her payment, and said “Do you mind if I ask you a question?”  She said “Of course not” and I proceeded to ask why it was so important for her to catch me before we closed for the day.  She explained that her family had developed a weekly ritual where every Saturday night before her kids went out with friends, their whole family would sit on their patio, share a glass of wine and appetizers.  Philia had become a staple of this ritual, and she didn’t want to let their whole family down for that evening’s ritual. 

The reason this resonated so heavily with me is because in that moment I realized that this is what our entire brand was about: shared love between family, friends and community.  Summer is short (at least in Minnesota) and setting aside time to enjoy the outdoors, relax and connect with “your people” will always serve to re-charge your batteries.  Do you have any favorite family traditions, or happy hour spots you like to hit up?  We’d love to here about them! Until next time… 



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