18 Feb

All About Love

By Mike Rakes | February 18, 2019

February is the month of Valentine’s Day, the day that is all about showing love to those that are most important to you.  Feeling inspired by the season, I wanted to write some thoughts on love in general, the different types of love that exist in Greek culture, and the role it played in the formation of our brand.  There are six types of love in the Greek language:

This is a non-romantic love shared between a community or between close friends, and has always held a special place for me.  It manifested in the way our house looked, smelled and felt on days when we had company over for holidays and parties.  It was the feeling that everyone who came in was an honored guest and invited to escape their day to day routines for a few hours of fellowship and friendship.

This type of love is the fiery passion that exists between two people.  It is sometimes thought of as dangerous in our culture because of its irrational nature that can take hold and possess someone.

A love for everyone that selfless, sacrificial and unconditional.  It extends from strangers to family to friends and persists regardless of circumstance.

This is best defined as self-love.  Generally, it is thought that there are two types of this kind of love. One turns a person inward and makes them self-obsessed, the other is a healthy version that enhances your capacity to love other people.

This is longstanding love between people.  Think of Yiayia and Papou – they’ve made it 30+ years into marriage and the love is mature and realistic.

This type of love is the playful affection between children or people that are dating causally.  Think of it as flirting in the early stages of dating.

When I came up with the name for our brand back in 2011, I thought a lot about what food means to me, how it fit into my childhood memories, and the role it will continue to play in my life.  After sitting on it a while and talking with my brother, “Philia” crystallized almost over-night.  I feel a great sense of pride and responsibility in carrying on my family’s traditions, and hope to spread genuine care and connection to as many people as I can as Philia grows.  Until next time…


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