25 Apr

(Greek) Easter

By Mike Rakes | April 25, 2019

The biggest feast day of the year in the Greek Orthodox faith is Easter.  Fun fact: due to the way the Eastern Orthodox Church calendar works, “Greek Easter” is often 1-4 weeks after Easter Sunday in the United States.  Most Greeks celebrate after the liturgy on Easter Sunday with a large gathering of family and friends, and sometimes it will even involve a lamb on a spit followed by traditional Greek Dancing.  There is so much rich culture, history, and culinary tradition to write about during the month of Easter, but this blog post is going to focus on something that is less traditional to Greek culture on Easter and more specific to my family. 

Years ago, my Mom made an asparagus roll-up appetizer that has been a family favorite for a very long time.  There is not a Holiday gathering that goes by without this recipe as part of the appetizer offering.  She starts by taking Wonder Bread, cutting off the crust and rolling it thin with a rolling pin.  Next, a mixture of blue cheese and cream cheese is spread along the bread, and one big or two small canned asparagus spears are placed with their centers on one corner of the bread.  Then the spears are rolled and brushed with an egg wash and baked for 25-30 minutes at 350 degrees.  When they come out of the oven, they are a nice golden brown and can be cut into smaller bite-size pieces, if desired.

In honor of my Mom’s recipe for Easter, we’ve recreated the recipe and elevated it with some puff pastry, prosciutto, and of course some Philia Spreadable Feta.  Check out the new recipe on our recipes page and give it a try on Easter Sunday, or if you’ve already celebrated then use it for your next party or hosted brunch. Until next time...


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